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Riding off the rails on the Crazy Cycle (cue Ozzy…)

It’s been a long time (over a year) since Jody and I have had an opportunity to lead a class together.   So we are fired up to lead the Love and Respect course at hopepark church.  We begin this Wednesday, February 17. This course is for couples, singles,anyone who is interested in improving the quality of their relationships. I believe in this course so much that I took my entire college ministry through it at my previous church.

Here’s some information on the course.

A Simple Message
A wife has one driving need — to feel loved.  When that need is met, she is happy.  A husband has one driving need — to feel respected.  When that need is met, he is happy.

When either of these needs isn’t met, things get crazy.  Love & Respect reveals why spouses react negatively to each

other, and how they can deal with such conflict quickly, easily and biblically.

What do you want for your marriage?  Want some peace?  Want to feel close?  Want to feel valued?  Want to experience marriage the way God intended?

Based on over three decades of counseling, as well as scientific and biblical research, Dr. Emerson Eggerichs and his wife, Sarah, are taking the Love & Respect message across America and are changing the way couples talk to, think about, and treat each other.

1. The Crazy Cycle
Why we negatively react to each other.
2. The Energizing Cycle (Part 1)
How a husband best motivates his wife.
3. The Energizing Cycle (Part 2)
How a wife best motivates her husband.
4. The Rewarded Cycle
The ingredient that motivates us beyond our marriage.

If you are in the Nashville TN area, information on how to join us is HERE.

If you want to follow along with our thoughts and musings about Love and Respect, we will love for you to join us here.  You may want to purchase or borrow a copy of the book

    Love and Respect

by Emerson Eggerichs. ISBN 1-59145-187-6.

I’m twittering over here @bill_todd.


About Bill Todd

Bill Todd is a spiritual director and speaker living in Franklin TN. He is patiently loved by Jody Todd, and their children Kaleigh, Hannah, and Liam.


3 thoughts on “Riding off the rails on the Crazy Cycle (cue Ozzy…)

  1. How do you explain my crazy 🙂

    Sounds like a GREAT class! Good to see ya blogging regularly too!

    Posted by Joseph | February 17, 2010, 8:22 pm
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    Posted by Iva | January 23, 2015, 6:30 pm

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